ID No. 86

Purpose-built to convey the impact of conflict on our world. The museum delivers a unique experience, exploring war and conflict from diverse perspectives. Walk through a timeline of conflict from the First World War to the present day, discover the fascinating stories behind over 2,000 objects, and immerse yourself in the compelling 360’ Big Picture Shows- a powerful and poignant cinematic display. This is a place where every object on display, every contemporary work of art and every special exhibition is designed to live long in the memory. This museum -changing perspectives with powerful stories for open minds. Read More

ID No. 81

Explore the manufacturing process in the heart of the Potteries. On the  Factory Tour, see up close the craftsmanship, artisan skills and techniques honed over 260 years. The award winning tour offers an in depth view of all aspects of bone china and iconic Jasperware production including casting, firing, glazing, figure making, decorating and hand painting, ornamentation and gilding. Explore the UNESCO recognized V&A collection including ceramics, painting and artefacts telling the story of Wedgwood. Explore 260 years of creation and innovation. Read More

ID No. 59

Significant collection of 17th and 18th century European Old Masters, over 600 old Master paintings. Unmissable and architecture for a fiver. Host your event at the world’s first purpose built public gallery, home to one of the finest collections of Old Master paintings in the world. Read More

ID No. 54

The world's leading Museum devoted to contemporary design in every from architecture and fashion to graphics, product industrial and digital design. The hyperbolic paraboloid curve of the roof is the building’s most spectacular feature, and the building came to be seen as a tent pitched in the leafy surroundings of Holland Park. Its dramatic and innovative design led to the former  Commonwealth Institute being considered one of the most significant pieces of modern architecture in London. Read More

ID No. 50

The museum was intended to record the civil and military war effort and sacrifice of Britain and its Empire during the First World War 1917. World's class collections tell the everyday & exceptional stories of people whose lives have been forever impacted by war. Recreations of war trenches and the Blitz, many tanks and planes and revolving military exhibitions. See war through the eyes of the people who lived it. Founded during the First World War, the museum gives voice to the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people forced to live in a world torn apart by conflict. From the wonder of its world-famous atrium to the countless discoveries on each of its six floors, it is a place filled with the power to move, surprise and inspire. Read More

ID No. 47

This historically significant site was the secret heart of Britain’s wartime air defence. It was here that the battle of Britain was observed, planned and controlled by ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. You too can stand in rooms where Churchill and King George VI watched the RAF plotters and controllers tirelessly coordinate the crucial defence of the nation. Today, the original operations room appears exactly as it did at the height of the battle of Britain on 15 September 1940 at 11.30am. See genuine artefacts from the battle of Britain and beyond. Test your skills identifying aeroplanes. The story of the people behind the innovation and the politics that shaped this invention is told for the first time. Read More

ID No. 28

From dinosaurs to human evolution, discover what you can see and do in the free galleries. From anglerfish to zebras, meet the stars of free galleries. There's six to explore, plus the Rothschild room which tells the  story of one man's  passion that created the museum. The Museum in London  that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. Read More

ID No. 26

The museum preserves and shares the real stories of ordinary people with extraordinary responsibilities. As the leading authority on Army and its impact on society past and present, see to inspire, engage and educate the public through world class museum and collections.  Read More

ID No. 12

Walk in the footsteps of the UK’s famous wartime leader. Explore the underground headquarters that acted as the top secret nerve centre from where war time leader and his inner circle determined the course of the Second World War. Get up close to artefacts revealing wartime leader’s personal and political life in the interactive this museum. Read More