Over 900 years old, this castle is one of the best preserved & most complete castles in England. The history of this castle is inseparable from the Clifford family who fought in several wars including the Battle of Bannockburn, Agincourt and Wars of the Roses, Granted the property by Edward II in 1310, Robert Clifford was appointed the first Lord Clifford and Guardian of Craven. Robert Clifford began heavily fortifying the castle, but he was brutally killed at Bannockburn in 1314. During the Civil War, castle was the last Royalist bastion in the North, yielding only after a three-year siege in 1645. ‘Slighted’ under the orders of Cromwell, the castle was skillfully restored years later by the indubitable matriarch Lady Anne, who fought a tenacious battle with her uncle for rights to her inheritance from her late father, George Clifford. Visitors can walk through history into the magnificent Banqueting Hall, the Old Kitchen, the Bedchamber or climb from the depths of the Dungeon to the top of the Watch Tower.