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 You must follow all policies of TassView when using our services. You must not misuse our services or engage in any misconduct on the site/app. If were suspect any misconduct, we may suspend your account and investigate the matter.

 Some of the details about the tourist attractions is not original content by Tassview but may have been collected from different third-party sources (e.g. from other websites, apps and leaflets). In this case, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the details of the tourist attractions. Please carefully review all information on our site/app before you engage in any transactions.

 The details of the spot/destination will be sent to the customer after the purchase has been made. This will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone as a text, or to their email, or both (depending on individual preference).

 TassView operate only to assist customers on their trip. It is the customer’s individual responsibility to make choices of spot/destinations based on their personal preferences. We will not be responsible for any consequences regarding the spot/destination after the purchase has been made.

 The offers available on our site/app may change, as we aim to provide a varied service, which caters to customer’s needs. Please read the ‘Useful Information’ section before your purchase. We are continuously changing and improving our services. Therefore, we may add or remove any content or suspend & stop a certain service altogether without notice. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of our services by posting updates or changes to our website and app. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the terms regularly.

 TassView views customer’s safety as a great priority. We will not lease or sell personal data to anyone, unless required in an investigation, claim or dispute relating to your use, by law.

 We take incredible care in providing these services to our customers and work to provide accuracy and a precise description of each and every spot/destination. However, we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy in the photos and details provided, as this will be a subjective matter. TassView simply aim to provide a brief outline of the spot/destination, not an elaborate description, as we feel that it is best experienced in person.

We strongly advise that customers plan for their trips in advance and gather the necessary information for each place, for example, admission prices, opening times, parking facilities and food.

 Customers may choose to register their account with TassView. However, an option for guest checkout is also available. Your account will be activated for 90 days, to allow customers to benefit from the offer of five spot/destinations for £4.00 and this 90-day period will be renewed. If the 90-day period has passed but you would still like to obtain this offer, you may contact TassView and we will consider your request at our discretion.

 TassView may use any feedback that is submitted by customers for the site/app.