The UK is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It welcomed over 40 million visitors in 2018. The UK has gained its popularity as a tourist destination due to the incredible diversity of places it offers for people to visit. London has something for all types of visitors; the rich culture and history combined with the finest food. Transport links in the UK are one of the best in the world. There are many ways to get around, for example, train, tube, bus, coach or even flights from one city to another. 12


Our goal is to expand the tourism within the UK as a whole, by promoting and sharing some of its best spots. We offer a service whereby visitors and even native UK citizens can discover incredible places to visit, in a hassle free and easy way, to make your UK trip the best it can be.


On our site you can discover spots throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are fit for family holidays, weekends away, short breaks or even days out. TassView displays all of the UK’s best tourist attractions in one place. Our website and app allow visitors to learn about certain places in the UK, which they may not have been aware of, but are great for tourist experiences.

 TassView cannot be held responsible for any personal opinions of the tourist destinations and spots. We advise that you only purchase the details of the place, if and only if, you are interested in the destination upon reading the details provided on the site. If you do decide to proceed to purchase further details about the tourist spot, we will happily accommodate this for you. We will use your details to send the name and address of the place via email or text. We strongly advise that you use navigation sites/apps (e.g. Google maps) prior to your visit, to ensure that you are prepared for the journey.


All spots within 20 miles of Greater London are London spots and those over 20 miles are spots that are outside of London. The distances from which the spots have been calculated from are listed below:

  • England

            - Greater London: Charing Cross, London (Postcode: WC2N 5DR)

            - Outside of London: Charing Cross, London (Post Code: WC2N 5DR)

  •  Wales- Cardiff City Centre (Postcode:  CF10 2EQ) 
  •  Scotland- Glasgow City Centre (Postcode: G1 1YU)
  •  Northern Ireland- Belfast City Centre (Postcode: BT1 5GS)

TassView will only charge £0.99p per spot/destination. This will include details of the place such as the full name and address. We have an offer whereby we will charge only £4.00, if the customer purchases a total of five spot/destinations. The customer will be eligible for this offer if five purchases are made within a 90-day period.