You get there by cable car. Country park. Show caverns. 400 years ago, people mined lead here. The entrance and exit to the mine are far apart, up the same hill.  But these legendary caverns are hundreds of millions of years old. On the upper floor, there’s a ‘fossil factory’, where you can learn about the geology, the history and the prehistory of the area, rocks and bones and artefacts galore. The building has big windows and wide terraces and the views are spectacular and beautiful. Inside there is a regular light show. Spectators watch as the chamber’s illuminations gently grow from a single candle’s flickering to a bright flooding of light. There’s also a virtual adventure in The Masson Pavilion. And the Long View, a narrative covering 230 years. No wonder visitors have been coming to this place so often and for so long. And don’t forget the cable car.