A fortress on top of a mountain. A place overflowing with stories and wonders. And those are enhanced by all the media involved in guiding adults and children around this magical place, and all the absorbing games, and all the easy-to-absorb fun facts, and all the joys that modern technology can provide. These bolster up the history in this old venue for gatherings and dinners and balls, where men – usually moustachioed and often handsome – danced and dined and cavorted with richly-clad and adorned ladies. This modish English chateau was the place to go during the sixteen hundred. Members of the Court were hosts and guests here. The building is made of mazes, any number of rooms, hearths carved out of marble, with art on the ceilings and more art hanging on the walls. Visitors can stroll or play or frolic around the terrace and the ruins down below and the gardens and the fountain and the entire spectacle and feeling here, the experience of it.