More than a millennium of stories. Indeed, this was the setting for Ivanhoe by Walter Scott, the evergreen novel, so often adapted for stage and screen. The tower is around 900 years old. The architecture of the building itself is of the most uncommon kind. ’s Ivanhoe Step inside the magnificent 12th-century tower at this place, the setting for Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, and explore one of England’s most unusually-designed buildings. These days Hamelin and Isabel de Warenne, who built this fortress, greet you and invite you in. Well, projected animations do. There is a visitor centre here, where you can look at archaeological discoveries made in the area. You can encounter artworks and artefacts there too. And, what’s more, the tale of the fortification is told via panels set around it, on each of which personages from the edifice’s past vividly appear.