The British Isles can offer few better ways on the British Isles of seeing how our ancestors lived than by visiting this site. Here a community lived during those prehistoric times. Ancient dwelling places. And other structures down through the ages. All in one place. The land all around contains the power of history and a eons of human existence. To stand here where so many others have stood. To walk around, to clamber this way and that over the hill. To look out at the timeless, ageless, green and pleasant fields. To stare out at the ocean. To enjoy the lush vegetation and the myriad colors of the plant-life. To be among the animals and all the creatures of this place. There‚Äôs so much information available here. And if you ask, anyone you encounter will tell you tales and offer new and different ways of seeing this singular place. But just being here and soaking it all in will in itself be more than enough.