ID No. 257

This is one of the most important and top tourist attractions in London. A public square in the city and a British Naval victory in the Napoleonic Wars with France and Spain that took place 21 OCT 1805, designed in 1830 to commemorate the British vic... Read More

ID No. 256

The grounds were developed as public park, include a number of rare and unusual trees and shrubs. Available for hire on business and social functions i.e., wedding venue, conference rooms.   Read More

ID No. 255

The museum has one of the largest collections of dental heritage in the UK telling the story of how dentistry has developed from a marketplace spectacle to the complex.  procedures and treatment of today.  Read More

ID No. 254

This is the only public museum devoted to English Arts and Crafts designer. The collection is great and there are numerous interactive activities for children as well as adults. Lots of free activities for children to participate in. Beautiful archit... Read More

ID No. 253

London's most famous work of Sculpture. It was first sculpture in the world to be cast in aluminium and is set on a bronze fountain. The statue is a well-loved symbol of London. Many beautiful buildings and architecture all around. The real London&nb... Read More

ID No. 252

The house is a museum of the honourable architect. Beautiful house of a famous English architect that left his house and beautiful art collection to the British people. Amazing collections. The museum is for you If you are interested in art... Read More

ID No. 251

Historic building with interesting exhibition. The lodge itself is simple but interesting. Nice architecture and history, surrounded by lots of greenery and nature on the edge of the forest. Great place to visit to learn about the Tudors. Also s... Read More

ID No. 250

This is a very unique fountain. Really tranquil. Unusual design. Worth a visit. Beautiful location. Great for kids and adults to splash about.  A lovely stream of water where you can walk along. Kids will love this place. A l... Read More

ID No. 249

It displays the personal art collection. For an artist who used to chop up cows and ambush people with his foreskin. Fantastic Art collection whose virtue is quality rather than quantity. Amazing gallery with stunning premises and beautiful choice of... Read More

ID No. 248

Great house and garden. Stunning interior design. The place with lot of history. Beautiful gardens. Extensive gardens with a large lake, perfect for a picnic or long walk. A perfect day out with kids, friends or family.  Read More

ID No. 247

A history that goes back almost a thousand years. This order spends their lives caring for and protecting sick people, starting from the first hospital in Jerusalem in 1080, then a network of hospitals and in modern times through the Ambulance servic... Read More

ID No. 246

A lovely park surrounding the historic palace and its small museum. Beautiful historic Palace. The walled garden is just beautiful. Well worth a visit and explore its grounds. Plenty to see. Entrance is free.   Read More

ID No. 245

Experience centuries of creativity and craftmanship, with fine instruments and objects that have inspired music making from the 16th century to the present day.   Read More

ID No. 244

A nice museum with interesting exhibits. Worth a visit to learn about the local history. Lots of exhibits featuring little snippets of everyday lives told through everyday objects. Really interesting display about the development and evolution o... Read More

ID No. 243

Built by Romans two thousand years ago to keep their neighbours out. The remaining part of the wall is a testament of time. It has been standing there. Beautiful place, filled with history. A place you could learn more about history of London. P... Read More

ID No. 242

This is the only one of its kind in London.  The museum documents the history of the humble sewing machine from the 1830's onwards. Included the world's first sewing machine from 1829 and Queen Victoria's daughter's sewing machine from 1865... Read More

ID No. 241

This Arts and Crafts style detached house was designed and built by one man, with the assistance of his wife and a bricklayer. It was amazing that one man with minimal help could plan, build and furnish this marvellous house. The House is Grade II li... Read More

ID No. 240

Great local museum with the story about the first Kings of England. Museum is a small but buzzing museum. The museum has three permanent exhibitions:  Ancient Origins, Town of Kings and Eadweard: Muybridge, local pioneer photographer. Splendid l... Read More

ID No. 239

It's a great tourist attraction. Enjoy the sword and the crown. Beating retreat. Truly iconic feature of London. Great music and great marching displays.   Read More

ID No. 238

A well hidden treasure and a snippet of history. A great collection of artefacts that inspire admiration of the man if you didn't know much about him before. The famous English artist.  Charming house for a genius.  ... Read More

ID No. 237

Very interesting museum about the biology of animals and creatures. A fascinating collection of various animal fossils and preserved bodies from around the world and throughout history. Gives you a real sense of scale from the smallest specimen... Read More

ID No. 236

The Park is a Victorian pleasure ground. Beautiful, large park with so much to do and explore. Kids will love the Victorian dinosaurs, play areas and the boating lake. The lake is beautiful and you can even hire some pedals.  Adul... Read More

ID No. 235

The Museum exploring the history of the local area. Holds an impressive number of historical artefacts and clothing. The collection includes photographs, furniture, ceramics. Great place to learn about local history, very inf... Read More

ID No. 234

The museum is a medical museum with a collection containing over 2,000 objects relating to the story of anaesthesia. The collections date from 1774 to the present day and provide a detailed insight into the history of medicine relating to anaesthesia... Read More

ID No. 233

 The Museum displaying an unusual mixture of medical art facts and original artworks exploring "ideas about the connections between medicine, art and life". The Museum attracts over 700,000 visitors per year and is advertised as "the free destin... Read More

ID No. 232

This is large flying museum. This place is amazing. A nice museum with plenty of real planes, models and flights equipment. Well organised, with many attractions for children. There are a lot of planes on a large area. Very easy access to the museum.... Read More

ID No. 231

This was a royal residence. Historic building with world class art. This is one of the most interesting building in the country. It is important architecturally and it is famous for its former occupants and its art collection. The arch... Read More

ID No. 230

Great place to learn about the dark side of London through time. It is basically an interactive theatre that takes the visitors from room to room throughout the place, presenting a different major historical event in every location. Very interac... Read More

ID No. 229

The garden is situated within the grounds of the former Roman walls. The design of the garden aims to present a broad view of the way in which plants have been used, from the earliest time to the present day, in relation to both the practice of... Read More

ID No. 228

The gardens are often referred to as the most beautiful gardens in the city of London. Very pleasant garden with benches, fountain and well-kept grass area by the Church. If you looking for peace and tranquillity in the... Read More

ID No. 227

Beautiful garden. Garden dedicated to the British soldiers who died in the First World War. It has been created with soil from the battlefields back to London and commemorate for lost servicemen.  Read More

ID No. 226

Massive Park. Covering 350 acres with over 4000 trees, a large lake, a meadow and ornamental flower gardens. An excellent park, one of the topmost in Europe. It’s huge and such an amazing experience walking through it taking in all the vari... Read More

ID No. 225

Beautiful Park. A large and beautiful mostly open-air park with well-tended gardens displaying a diverse species of plants and flowers. Visit the rose gardens in the spring/summer. There's a nice pond and area for events. It has so many differen... Read More

ID No. 224

A magical and fun place to give you insights to homes of the past. A fun time to see what's changed and how the home has been lived and celebrated in ages past. Entry is free and its worth your time if you like.   Read More

ID No. 223

The  museum with interactive exhibits plus full history of banknotes. If you are at all interested in currency, banking or history you will have a great time here. Great place to visit to see the history of your money. It’s a... Read More

ID No. 222

Great place for anyone interested in history, ships, navigation and many other areas. Free to get in and a fun place for kids of all ages. One of the great London museums. With over 1,100 more objects on display, you’ll be able to uncover hidden hist... Read More

ID No. 221

Good historical museum. You can see how London changes through the ages. Good collection of London history and evolve to great city as London. Some amazing artefacts. Lots to see and do. More than six million objects. Absolutely fantastic f... Read More

ID No. 220

Amazing Park. Amazing massive park with plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery. To see deer like that just roaming around the London parks is incredible. This is a lovely area to visit. Perfect for walking, running, cycling, playing and picnic... Read More

ID No. 219

Celebrate nature with wildlife walks, boat trips, an adventure play area and lots of cute animals at this centre. Flap, dip and splash your way to an unforgettable day out. There’s a fantastic day ahead of you at this park. Enjoy splashing, dipp... Read More

ID No. 218

Beautiful nature reserve. Great location. Many birds which have made their home in the centre cannot be found anywhere else in London. The site contains a large visitor building which is occasionally used as wedding venue. An urba... Read More

ID No. 217

The museum itself is like a small natural history museum with lovely Victorian exhibits and also the famous Walrus. The Museum houses some wonderful artefacts and the Gardens offer a relaxing environment with some stunning views of the city. Wel... Read More

ID No. 213

Lovely historical market in London. You will find people selling a lot of interest things, antiques, bags, shoes, vintage clothing, jewellery and so much more. The variety of stalls you can find here which is impressive. There is a lovely... Read More

ID No. 212

Great museum. Lots of amazing exhibits and photos. Truly insightful to life in the Army. Lots of vehicles, weapons and uniforms. It's also interactive with many touch screens to explore the history of the UK army. Well-presented through centuri... Read More

ID No. 211

The House was built in the new Palladian style inspired by the ancient architecture of ancient Rome. It was situated by a flowing river.  Georgian house set in a park by the river Thames. Beautiful place with lots of area to walk and sit do... Read More

ID No. 210

Fantastic museum with amazing collections. The museum has a very diverse collection of art, history, jewels, decor, architecture, and fashion. The museum is simply brilliant and there isn't another museum comparable to it for the scope and variety of... Read More

ID No. 209

The museum is one of the major tourist attractions, attracting 3.3 million visitors annually. This is one of the best places for taking kids to brainstorm their knowledge on the science. There's plenty to suit all ages. A great day out for... Read More

ID No. 208

One of the best museums in the world. The architecture of the building is just amazing. Great place. Free entry. It's huge place, it takes to 2-3 hours to go around. A lot of interesting things to see. There are amazing displays that show how incred... Read More

ID No. 207

This is a great place to connect with nature and boost your wellbeing. Discover a thriving wetland and relax in an historic rose garden. Perfect for a day out with the kids. Lovely place for everyone to walk around. Choose your activity to... Read More

ID No. 206

One of the most important historic sites of water supply in the UK. Lots of information about water and its circle of life. Interesting history of steam engines and the distribution of water in London. There's so much here, much of it interactiv... Read More

ID No. 205

It is believed to be the only remaining example of hollow post flour mill in England. Although it has changed considerably over the past 150 years there is no other mill like it. The models shown are part of the display in this museum.  Read More