ID No. 423

Explore the site of the castle that gave the city its name. The castle has one of the finest surviving medieval castles keeps in Britain and offers breath-taking views from its rooftop.  Read More

ID No. 422

The 11th century castle & it is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. This building is architecturally glorious with treats around every corner. The castle is now a world-famous visitor attraction. Beautiful and interesting castle with so... Read More

ID No. 416

Explore the site of the castle that gave the city its name. The castle has one of the finest surviving medieval castles keeps in Britain and offers breath-taking views from its rooftop.   Read More

ID No. 391

This castle is one of the largest inhabited castles in the country. It looks amazing from the outside as the pictures show. Fantastic location with breath-taking scenery. Amazing large castle and grounds. A really great day out for all the family. Re... Read More

ID No. 389

This is a lovely little castle which has free entry. The view from the top is stunning. The castle is a compact rectangular 15th century tower of three storeys. Great piece of history. Free parking.  Read More

ID No. 388

The castle was built in the later1400s as the fortified residence and this is a fine example of Scottish tower house castle. The tower’s wall is 2.5m thick and it’s clearly built with defence in mind.  Beautiful castle situated on a hill with gr... Read More

ID No. 386

Beautiful castle with amazing views. The castle was built in 1369. It is surrounded by water. Enjoy the short boat trip across the river to reach the island fortress. Enjoy and get up close to the artillery fortification. Huge historical interest and... Read More

ID No. 385

Ruined castle in a beautiful location. An interesting ruin on the edge of a Loch. The few remaining walls are very impressive and there are some good information boards around explaining the history of the site. It was built in the 1160’s. The castle... Read More

ID No. 382

The castle is named after its original owner. It was built in the 16th century. Fantastic ruins in the heart of town. Beautifully protected by Historic Scotland. You can walk inside and go back to medieval times. Lovely castle to explore.  Read More

ID No. 380

Discover one of Scotland’s great medieval fortresses. Beautiful architecture. Quite well presented with much to see both in the castle ruins and the surroundings. The stonework is amazing. Behind the 13th century castle has a historica... Read More

ID No. 379

The castle was built in the 1775. It has been used as a shooting box. The castle is now home to a variety of exhibitions. It is also the centre for cycling within the park. This is a great place to see a variety of wildlife. It is a lovely pretty dri... Read More

ID No. 367

With a fascinating history over 1,000 years, 10 magnificent gardens and an estate located in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Beautiful castle in a stunning countryside. The castle and its grounds are stunning. It is an inte... Read More

ID No. 366

One of the most historic and scenically beautiful castles in Scotland. The castle was built about 1200. The castle was a fortress and a state prison during its 450 years history. The display inside is excellent and the castle is picturesque, but... Read More

ID No. 364

Beautiful castle. Amazing grounds and gardens. The castle has had a diverse history over 700 years. Stunning gardens which can be explored at a leisurely pace before or after you explore the castle which has existed in some form since 1269.... Read More

ID No. 355

This is a large castle and mansion, stands on a pretty spot to the island and have been continuously occupied by the same family for 800 years. There's a great chance to see the seals relaxing around the castle. The gardens are beautiful. The whole b... Read More

ID No. 353

The castle was founded in the 13th century. The castle and the views are simply extraordinary. It is one of the most visited and important attractions in the Scottish. Picturesque castle that is located in a lovely island and... Read More

ID No. 351

This is one of the most complete medieval castles in Scotland. Built in the 1400's. It holds a very interesting history of Scotland. Lovely castle, has a wonderfully rich history.  There is a nice walk around the castle and p... Read More

ID No. 349

A great castle with a fantastic history. Very popular Scottish visitor attraction. The castle has been standing 1400 century. Fantastic place to visit. Beautiful castle with some very interesting rooms and armoury. The displays at the... Read More

ID No. 347

Amazing castle with some enthralling history. Great place to visit if you're interested in Scottish history. Explore the 14th century castle.  It has been used as great Royal residence and a powerful stronghold.  A place with grea... Read More

ID No. 341

The castle is a national historic monument, protected by the department of the Environment. The castle is a Norman ringwork and bailey fortification. This castle- a unique all weather, all in one heritage entertainment complex where pr... Read More

ID No. 336

The castle is the second largest castle in the country. This iconic 1000-year-old medieval castle is a favourite for film industry. There's something for everyone here. Film tours, history tours, a military museum, brook flying classes... Read More

ID No. 333

Beautiful castle with great historic value.  This is a great English medieval castle surrounded by a picturesque lake. Adventure play grounds for children of all ages.  It has become one of the most visited historic buildings in B... Read More

ID No. 323

Great castle with lots to look at. Almost 1000 years old. The greatest medieval castle in Britain, you can walk through the ramparts, great halls, servant's quarters and dungeons The Castle is a great place to visit with your family, and an exce... Read More

ID No. 202

Beautiful castle with long history and important role in the present.  This is without a doubt a unique place that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. This is massive and iconic structure in the world. It's a phenomenal place.... Read More

ID No. 171

Castle is big. It was formed after the Norman Conquest with a stone keep, it was converted into a residence during the 14th century by the Earl of Devon. The castle went into a ruin in 1539. There is a great spot for a picnic by the river and beautif... Read More

ID No. 170

The castle contains a colourful and intriguing history. A fantastic historical castle within a castle to visit. A ruined castle has more than its fair share of many folk tales and ghost stories. The location of the castle makes it ideal for walkers w... Read More

ID No. 169

One of the best examples of a Norman motte in England. The withstanding stone keep and curtain wall are approximately from around the 14th century. Experience the breath-taking views at the top of the keep over the river. Have a picnic in the tr... Read More

ID No. 168

One of England’s most wonderfully located fortresses. This Castle which is over 600 years old. There are spectacular views of the estuary and the sea. This is an incredible family day out. This castle was used in the Civil War and the Second World Wa... Read More

ID No. 161

This is the UK’s largest historic site. A Castle ruin steeped in history. Lovely area with stunning views from the top of the towers. The history it holds is unbelievable. Tudor history at its best! The love tale between Robert Dudley and Queen Eliza... Read More

ID No. 159

There is much to explore of this castle's eclectic and wonderful past, from wealth to workhouse. It used to be the home to some of the most notable names of Tudor England. It was in this very building that one of Tudor became Queen of England here. T... Read More

ID No. 158

Very old castle in very good condition. Discover one of England's most full and abnormal buildings as you explore every angle of this 12th century military stronghold. Lose yourself in this 800-years old maze of passageways and secret chambers. It u... Read More

ID No. 156

The castle is one of the greatest samples of military architecture in England. The castle is a beautiful but completely damaged medieval castle which was built in the late eleventh or early twelfth century. Fantastic castle even though it it's a... Read More

ID No. 152

The castle used to be one of the greatest medieval buildings. Unfortunately, the Palace closed in the 1680s. The ruins are well maintained and signed as to what part of the Palace they were and when built. Also some of the history behind it. Amazing... Read More

ID No. 150

A castle which is over 900 years old that has been an integral part of British history. Explore this castle by taking part in activities such as climbing the castle, exploring its dungeons and discovering the stories of the castle, including the pris... Read More

ID No. 141

This is a really amazing castle in fantastic condition. This quintessential romantic castle. It has been an Elizabethan artillery fortress, a king's prison and a royal summer residence over the years. You can stroll around the well landscape gardens... Read More

ID No. 139

 Henry VII built this fortress. It was one of the most advanced artillery fortresses in England. Cannons were mounted here.  Used as an air base for seaplanes during the World War. And it was deliberately set at one extreme end of... Read More

ID No. 138

Any village by the sea is an attractive prospect for a fun day out. This place offers more than most. It's a castle. That in itself is good to know. It was built by Henry VII. So, it's old and full of stories. The old stories aren’t bad. The new ones... Read More

ID No. 137

 Late in the third century this fort was built. Kings lived here. The building has housed a prison. And the place has always lived with the threat of attack. It is said to be the best kept and, in many ways, the finest of all of the Roman 'Saxon... Read More

ID No. 136

At this very place William, the Conqueror landed with his troops in 1066. It is powerful enough in the mind to be in this place. And the dramatic sight of the fortifications resounds forcefully down through the ages. One can't help thinking about Bri... Read More

ID No. 134

A home from home for Queen Victoria and her large family. So, a good place for a modern-day family to visit. You can zigzag across all the land outside. There is a beach. Bordered by trees. The gardens are full of flowers and plants. Queen... Read More

ID No. 133

First this was a house. A Manor houses. It has a tower which you can climb. And there is a passage, deep below the ground which runs between the tower and the cooking area. It was a matter of status. During the 15th century after extensive rebuilding... Read More

ID No. 130

This place was founded by King Henry VIII. It is one of the first and most thoroughly equipped coastal fortresses. And quite a few of those castles were built along the shore. It is a Tudor fortress, set up so that cannon can be deployed wherever su... Read More

ID No. 128

An old fortress. The stories of what happened here during the Middle Ages are of real interest. So are the tales of both World Wars. It is possible to climb up the Great Tower all the way to the top. And throughout the building, rooms have been set u... Read More

ID No. 127

Elizabeth, the Queen. Mother. It was originally the dwelling-place for the Lords. Warden of the Cinque Ports. The building stands within 8 acres of land. The gardens have won awards. The Boardwalk is unmissable. The Queen Mother’s Garden is a lovely... Read More

ID No. 126

This castle is built in the round. It was erected at the end of the 13th century as a sort of country seat for its mediaeval owners. Edward, the Black Prince came here at least twice. It's easy to see why. It's a restful place. Abundant wildlife. Gor... Read More

ID No. 125

The history of this fortress includes the incarceration of George Fox. Fox, who founded the Quakers was imprisoned here in 1656. Nowadays you can stretch out, kick back, enjoy your picnic and revel in the lovely verdant surroundings and the picturesq... Read More

ID No. 123

The construction of this fortress was completed in 1545, according to the instructions of King Henry VIII. And it follows the ‘clover leaf’ design. Lucky for some. The fortress made up part of the King’s Device plan. King Henry wanted to prevent or t... Read More

ID No. 122

Throughout the summer months here, the guns of history are fired. Literally blasts from the past as the sun shines and the canons roar. This is one Henry VII’s most highly regarded castles. And it has been a faithful and impressive sentinel here in F... Read More

ID No. 121

A fortress on a cliff. A dramatic silhouette. An old fortification resonant with stories of King Arthur and his knights. It’s hard to drag oneself away from the statues. One wants to wander for hours or even days among the ruins. Spread wide across t... Read More

ID No. 119

More than a millennium of stories. Indeed, this was the setting for Ivanhoe by Walter Scott, the evergreen novel, so often adapted for stage and screen. The tower is around 900 years old. The architecture of the building itself is of the most uncommo... Read More